Webworks is the world's only webhosting provider to offer it's customers a virtual merchant service for Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX acceptance, real-time transaction processing, integrated support for leading shopping cart software, and premium webhosting, all for one affordable monthly fee. But please, don't take our word for it, try and find the same package anywhere else.


Traditionally, a small business wanting to conduct online commerce faced several hurdles. First, they would need to post a bond and receive a line of credit for a Merchant Account with their local bank. They would then need to contact a second company to setup a transaction processing service that may or may not be available to integrate with their bank's Merchant Account. Next, a webhosting company would be employed to host the e-commerce website. Lastly, they would need to purchase shopping cart software and figure out how to program it for their site.

In the end, the Merchant had defined relationships with 4 different companies, and an e-commerce solution that would never be easily maintained or fully integrated


A Webworks Virtual Merchant Account is the new way to transact e-business. Webworks offers fully integrated solutions for real-time credit card processing, virtual merchant accounts, webhosting, and shopping cart software, Webworks can deliver a single-source solution to the e-commerce requirements of businesses around the world.


Actually, any business is, even international companies. We offer the only turnkey e-commerce solution that is not restricted to US residents only. Our services can be engaged by any business, or individual, anywhere in the world.


Have you already paid for a Webworks account but would like to start accepting credit cards online? Simply pay the difference between the amount you have already paid for your Webworks account and the e-commerce package you would like to have in its place, calculated prorata to the remaining term of your contract.


...to approve a transaction in realtime on the Internet for a purchase from your website. That's all it takes. In only 8-10 seconds the transaction is sent through a comprehensive live address verification system, and approved or declined, and the funds transferred.


Webworks can approve your business for a monthly processing limit of $10,000 US dollars with no credit check, no hassles. Register with us today and start accepting credit cards tommorrow.


One low monthly fee for the most complete e-commerce service on the web today. Does that interest you? E-mail info@web-works.com today for full information on package details and payment options, and you can be accepting credit cards over your website in as little as 24 hours

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