Why do people resell webhosting? The webhosting industry is growing at an extremely rapid rate. In fact Forrester Research estimates that the industry will grow to over $10 billion by the year 2002. So reselling web hosting offers an exceptional opportunity for partnerships that can provide a substantial residual income to any business or individual.

As a company, Webworks has grown over the last few years, largely due to the efforts of our network of International Resellers - with hundreds of resellers in countries all around the globe, we have captured markets that would never have been possible without the assitance of our VARs.

There are no fees or registration necessary to participate in our reseller program. You may resell our LITEWORKS, CORPWORKS, and PROWORKS virtual server web hosting packages to your clients, marketing the service under your own company's name or under the Webworks trade name, whichever best suits your needs..


Our reseller program allows you to utilize our dedicated Web servers to provide your clients with turnkey Internet solutions. Our reseller program is designed to be a simple, flexible program which provides you the freedom and control to manage your client sites, while providing the client with a state of the art hosting service to take them into the next century..


  Increase customer loyalty and revenues by adding virtual server Web hosting services to the list of Internet related development services your company already provides. Or start a completely new business, operate from home, anyone can sell this product.

  Avoid the expense involved in maintaining in-house Internet Web servers, mail servers, primary and secondary DNS servers, etc. Not to mention the skills required, and the valuable time.

  Complete freedom to set pricing for hosting services at the competitive rates your company establishes. We act only as a wholesaler to you, the pricing strategy is up to you !!

  Webworks remains anonymous for each account you set-up as a reseller. This allows you to promote your company and resell our hosting services under your own company name. Webworks will bill you directly for each site, not your client.

  Priority Technical support for our resellers to ensure that you are providing the best service possible for your clients. We want you to build a good reputation in the industry, which will help your sales, and we can continue to grow together.

  Emergency support facilities for urgent technical issues requiring immediate resolution. Our state of the art server center has 24x7 monitoring facilities, with full support service operating around the clock

  We provide all VAR's with the means to establish new accounts quickly using our new Reseller Express Setup feature. This is invaluable in creating and maintaining an air of efficiency, and so building customer confidence in your company.

  Since we maintain full billing, administrative, and contact information for each reseller, establishing new accounts is very quick and extremely simple. The program will automatically calculate your reseller discount in real-time, and allow you to quickly set-up your customer's web domains without the usual delays.


The more virtual servers you purchase for your clients, the greater your discount will be. The following charts summarize our sliding scale of current reseller discounts:

10% 15% 20%
$22.45 $21.20 $19.96
$49.95 CORPWORKS $44.95 $42.45 $39.95
$89.95 $84.95 $79.95


To join, all you need to do is open your first webhosting account with us at normal price, then we can enroll you in our Reseller Partnership program and issue you a user ID and password to order directly online at the discount rates. Once you complete your first order online, we will issue you the Reseller Partner user ID and password right away so you can get started.


Entering into an alliance with Webworks as a VAR Partner gives you full access to the resources of one of the world's leading webhosting companies. Our distribution channels, comprehensive product categories, and state of the art network infrastructure make us the choice of informed resellers around the globe.

In addition, our Premier Partnership with Network Solutions ensures you that your requests for domain modifications and registration will be both prompt and efficient.

Perhaps most importantly, our experience in the field of electronic commerce will bring to you the facilities to place e-commerce merchant and credit card processing accounts to businesses the world over, a tremendous opportunity to take advantage of the explosion of growth in e-commerce! Webworks is the only company to offer a completely integrated turnkey e-commerce system for Merchants under a single brand identity.

We are well known in the industry for exceeding our customer's service and support expectations, and we would be delighted to have the opportunity to provide the service for your websites.

Please email us at reseller@webworks-hosting.com for more information!

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