Currently hosting your domain elsewhere? Looking for a painless transition to a new webhosting provider? Webwork’s easy transfer program makes moving your domain to our servers a breeze.

If your website is currently active on another server, having no downtime during the transfer period is of utmost importance to your business. Our 7 point program will ensure that your business has no downtime during the period when you are moving your website to our servers

      Select a Webworks web hosting package for your business

      Open your site using our online order form Webworks will setup your account and provide you with an IP number to host your site

      If requested when you open your account, Webworks will contact InterNIC immediately to transfer your domain

      Upload your existing website to your new IP number. If you need assistance, please email our support team

      Make sure that you create email boxes with the mail control panel that match the email boxes you used at your old provider. This is to ensure you have no lost email during the transfer period

      InterNIC will then contact you via email for approval. You should not approve the transfer until you are satisfied your website is working on the new IP number and you have created email boxes that match the addresses presently in use

       Reply to InterNIC and agree to authorize the transfer of your domain name. The transfer to your new IP address on our servers will take up to 5 days, after which you may close your former webhosting account

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